Resumes & Cover Letters

Writing and editing solutions - our objective is to highlight your skills, qualifications and achievements to impress the employer and/or HR consultant with your strengths, benefits and value.

We will restructure your uninspiring or ineffective resume and/or cover letter or create entirely new documents.


Job Search Coaching

Many clients have recognized just how beneficial coaching is an realized immediately feelings of empowerment and new ways to approaching job search obstacles, procrastination and attaining goals. Coaching helps with commitment and follow-through on priority items and issues.

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Transition Coaching - Fired, Dismissed, Retired

Coaching - Since founding the company in 1988, our lead coach Tamelynda Lux quite naturally transitioned into helping clients explore life transition, discover new life directions, and become more engaged in life. She has survived and thrived moved past wrongful dismissal, numerous company re-structures, return-to-work, and other challenging career transitions. In her role as coach, she is like a guide, helping you find your own best answers and solutions to achieving life and success and satisfaction. Visit:


Client success stories . . .

" I lost my job and hired Tamelynda and the end result was nothing short of being amazing!"

"Having Tamelynda in your corner gives you an enormous advantage - like having an ace up your sleave!"

“I truly believe this experience was the best investment I could have made for my future career!"

"I'm blown away, absolutely blown away by the resume you created!"

Extensive experience supporting clients who were . . .

  • Actively seeking new employment
  • Returning to employment after business ownership/self-employment
  • Laid off/downsized either temporarily or permanently
  • Wrongfully dismissed
  • Graduates of employment retraining programs
  • Recipients of mass job-search support programs
  • Underemployed
  • Preparing for internal advancement
  • Planning a transition to a new career
  • Staying prepared for opportunity
  • Seeking admission for post-graduate education programs
  • Returning to work after staying at home, either maternity leave or disability leave
  • Re-careering baby boomers
  • Retired seeking new opportunities

Client success stories . . .

"I was offered the position before I even left the interview! ~ N.D.(automotive)

"It's been an excellent experience working with you and I look forward to my new beginnings! I highly recommend your firm. Thank you for everything." ~ M.N. (buyer/purchasing)

"I got the finished product. Great job and thank you. You will be recommended to anyone I know that might need your services and will be hearing from me in the future for updating needs. Thank you!" ~ Matt Holmes

"Both of our resumes came in handy when visiting potential lenders. Thanks again for filling a void that is otherwise filled with frustration. We were very happy with your writing and organization skills." ~ Irene Bailey

“I got it! Thank you for writing a fabulous resume for me. After several years out of the workforce raising my kids, I wasn’t sure how long it would take to get into the field I wanted. I am working in fundraising and event planning and thrilled about renewing my career!" ~ M.K. (returning to work force)

Client success stories . . .

"Within 36 hours of putting the new resume into action a two month job search was over!" ~ G.D.

"Tamelynda has a way of discovering all your positive attributes and delves intricately into your work and life experience and then brings these elements together perfectly in the resume."

"I've been to a lot of job search workshops from the outplacement services I received as part of my severence package. The resume Tamelynda provided is so much better than I created as a result of those workshops!" ~ G.D. (skilled labourer)

"I got my dream job!" ~ K.M. (skilled trades workers)


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