Option (1) Resume Consultation - Investment is $295 (+ HST) for a resume consultation which includes meeting with you for 60-90 minutes (1 to 1.5 hours) to gather information about your background, experience, skills, strengths, achievements, career target/job objective and 1-hour (60 minutes) post session email/phone support. When we meet, we will together write the content for your resume, cover letter, and reference page during that time, so you understand the process for any resume or letter revisions or multiple applications.  Any work provided beyond the original consultation is billed hourly at $80.00/hour (+ HST).  All support is pre-paid and non-refundable.


Option (2) Resume coaching - Investment is $125.00/ per hour (+ HST) (for the first hour) which includes a conversation about your experience, goals, formatting, resume and cover letter tips, and you write the content.

We schedule to meet in person for one (1) hour to discuss your background, skills, achievements, and strengths as they relate to your job target. We will review your documents to determine what information can be used ie. an existing/old resume, cover letter, performance appraisals etc. Sessions can be booked by Zoom however preference is to meet in-person because this style of communication can often bring out more details that a paper- or email-based questionnaire would.  If you require assistance beyond the first hour, our fee is $80.00 / per hour (+ HST).  All support is pre-paid and non-refundable.


Important for both Options (1) and (2) . . .

Prior to meeting, you will need to complete a Strengths Finder assessment online and email me the 18 page report you’ll receive upon completion (an additional $20.00 (approx.)); it is not our assessment but one of the better assessments we've come across for strengths identification.