Turn-around time

An appointment can usually be scheduled within a few days. Our office is conveniently located near Wharncliffe and Oxford in London, ON with on-site parking and an elevator.

Completing the resume depends on how well prepared you are.  Option (1) is the basic 1-2 hour process and generally speaking clients have a completed resume at that time.  Please refer to the Pricing page.

Option (2) is hourly and you take notes.  Please refer to the Pricing page.


Although Lux & Associates endeavours to provide the best documents for the client, it does not guarantee interviews, employment or job search success as many factors influence and play a role in achieving interviews, offers of employment, and job search success.

Working Agreement

A "Project Scope Letter/Agreement" will be required to be signed by the client.  It includes information such as following:

-> The client agrees to provide career and personal data that is truthful. The client also agrees to work with Lux & Associates collaboratively and in good faith. The client is responsible for proofreading the document(s) and also reviewing for accuracy of information in the resume and related other documents. The documents prepared by Lux & Associates are composed based on the data provided by the client and Lux & Associates does not verify employment history, skill capabilities, or education, etc.

-> Client acknowledges that resumes and related documents may be organized in a variety of formats or styles and that these documents may be interpreted and formatted differently by others based on their perspectives and opinions. Client agrees that client is hiring Lux & Associates to draft document(s) for the client based on Lux & Associates’ experience and their interpretation and perspective, using information gathered from the client.

-> Lux & Associates does not actually print the resume/letter or documents; the client will receive the documents in Word and PDF formats. This gives the client the opportunity to make further changes as the client sees necessary for future job applications. A resume is a “living document” which should be updated for each job application. The resume can be saved on memory stick and taken to a local library where access to computers and laser printers are typically available. A library patron card may be needed to access computers and printer services. Lux & Associates does not provide IT, computer- or technical-related support and does not provide the service of emailing job applications, resumes or documents to job postings on the behalf of the client.

Appointment Reservation

In order to provide you and other clients with excellent customer service and access to appointments, Lux & Associates has an appointment deposit and reservation fee of $125.00 (Cdn) payable by credit card (online) or e-transfer.

The deposit will be applied to your final bill. Upon your confirmation of the meeting date and time, an invoice will be sent to you from Square (credit card processing and business solutions).