Founded in 1988, the company started as an essay typing centre for university students when computers and laptops were not common in the home.  It soon became apparent that with the arrival of personal computers, there was a need for employment-related services.  Ms. Lux draws from her experience as an Employment Placement Coordinator and a Facilitator/Trainer for post-secondary adult training, government, and private business.  Contract assignments include:  Fanshawe College, the Ministry of Transportation, Ontario Hydro, the Small Business Centre, Women Immigrants of London, as well as other corporate business and individual clients.

Our Team


Tamelynda Lux

Founder & CEO


Self-Employed and Coaching since 1988

A graduate of Western University and St. Francis Xavier University, Ms. Lux's qualifications include Communications & Public Relations, Adult Education, Life Skills Coaching, and Life Fulfillment Coaching.  More recently she has focused on Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), which assumes there is a link between neurological processes, language and behavior.  A professional Co-active Life Coach through Coaches Training Institute she is also a member of the International Coach Federation.

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