Resumes & Cover Letters

Writing and editing solutions – our objective is to highlight your skills, qualifications and achievements to impress the employer and/or HR consultant with your strengths, benefits and value.


We will restructure your uninspiring or ineffective resume and/or cover letter or create entirely new documents.

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Job Search Coaching

Many clients have recognized just how beneficial coaching is an realized immediately feelings of empowerment and new ways to approaching job search obstacles, procrastination and attaining goals.  Coaching helps with commitment and follow-through on priority items and issues.

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Transition Coaching – Fired, Dismissed, Retired

Coaching – Since founding the company in 1988, our lead coach Tamelynda Lux quite naturally transitioned into helping clients explore life transition, discover new life directions, and become more engaged in life.  She has survived and thrived moved past wrongful dismissal, numerous company re-structures, return-to-work, and other challenging career transitions.  In her role as coach, she is like a guide, helping you find your own best answers and solutions to achieving life and success and satisfaction.  Visit:

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Imagine . . .

. . . being able to express your achievements and demonstrate how you will make a difference to a prospective employer.

. . . feeling more confident about how your skills, personal attributes, and employment are presented visually.

. . . receiving invitations to attend job interviews.

. . . realizing job search results faster and in less time!

Open doors to new opportunities today!


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